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Jai and Ariana’s story:

How they met:

"We met on Twitter," Ariana said in an interview from last year, " he made me a video which was very innovative." "I made her a Keek video saying why we’re perfect for each other." Jai also said in that interview. "Uhm, it was like reasons why we’re perfect for each other." Jai says. "Tell us the reasons!" one of the interviews says. "I forget." Jai replied. "They were funny, it wasn’t a serious video, he wasn’t like ‘I’m a really good guy’ no, it was like…" "She DMd me her number, so she made that important move." Jai said. "It was Glozell though, you spoke to Glozell before you talked to me. I was too shy to call him, it was just like, I was kind of waiting for him to call me or text me because I didn’t want to make those moves [First]." Ariana says.

Arianas mother Joan, was kind of  reason why they even really got together. “It’s so silly because I was watching her Twitter, she was in the makeup chair with Michael, and I saw [that] there was a trend on Twitter and it said ‘Jai vs Luke For Ariana’. So I just clicked on it.” Joan explains. “And I clicked on it and I said ‘Oh my gosh Ariana, these twins in Australia that are part of this really good comedy group’, that I checked out their videos…,” she further explains,”and I said ‘Ariana go look at this, look at this group of people.’ and she started looking at their videos and we found out that they were really talented and really funny. And that’s when I said ’ You know what, answer him, he’s very funny.’ and I said ‘Just pick one.’” “No, but I knew that Luke was just pretending to like me to piss off Jai though.” Ariana said.

In a separate interview, Jai explained his side. “Before I started tweeting her, I saw her for, like, two weeks, I didn’t know anything about her. And then I started tweeting her funny, corny, stuff and like I can’t remember, but I think she remembers. And then one day, me and my brother had a massive fight on Twitter, like a funny one…” He started. “My mom showed me that!” Ariana added. “Her mom showed it.” “My mom is the reason what I even found out about you guys.” Ari said. “We sent the rudest stuff ever, and your mom showed you it.” ” My mom was like ‘How cute is this?’ I was like ‘Mom this is so, this is a lot!’”

Meeting in person:

Jai and Ariana met in person for the first time at the end of December in 2012, where they’d share their first kiss and a new years kiss.
In another interview with Zach Sang, Zach commented on Jai flying 20 hours just to be with Ariana. “What did they say when you were like ‘Mom, I wanna fly across the world to see this girl, I love her, I wanna spend time with her, do they think you’re crazy?” he asked Jai. “Well, my mom understood I was in love with her and she saw us talking every night for months and she wanted us to meet because she’s always saying ‘I hope that she doesn’t get bored of you before you meet her.’”. Zach asked if he had even thought about what if Ariana wasn’t all that he’d expected. “No, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was what if I’m ugly!” Jai responded. Ariana can be heard saying “No way!” in the background. “Did you ever think that maybe she wouldn’t be into you after flying 20 hours or like it was just text only, Skype only?” Zach asked. “Well, we did talk alot but it was a possiblity, but, we, yeah. And it worked out I’m happy.” Jai replied. “It was something that had to be done if we wanted it to work. We had to eventually meet. Can’t keep talking on the phone.” “Do you think it’ll work when you go back to Australia?” “Yeah, well, we’re gonna plan to see each other. We’re not gonna hold it as long as 5 months. Hopefully we move to America soon so we don’t have to worry about that.”  “And I’ll come to Melbourne!” Ariana chimed in. Jai chuckled a little bit and said, “Melbourne, she says it so good now.” “What if you got here and it was in a disaster?” Ariana asked while giggling. “It wasn’t really a concern for me,” Ariana says, ” we spent a long time talking though.” Jai laughs, “It’s gonna be an awkward plane trip back.”

Later, a fan asked Jai to describe how it felt to see Ariana for the first time. “First time I saw her, she was driving into her apartment and I was like leaning against the car and she couldn’t see me for about ten seconds. And then I knocked, then I opened the door and then I saw her and she was really beautiful and I’ll never forget when I first saw her. And now just being with her is amazing.” He said. Another fan asked him what his first kiss with Ariana was like. “First kiss, we didn’t really have to wait that long to do it, ” he started, “it was amazing. She has nice lips.” Zach asked him to rate her lips from 1 to 10. “Oh it breaks the scale!” he replied. “Where was the first kiss, how did it go down?” Zach asked. “Was it in the elevator or…” he asked Ariana. ” It was outside.” she said. “It was a nice romantic one.” he said smiling.

The relationship:

For the next 11 months, Jai would continue to fly back and forth for Australia to California to see Ariana until The Janoskians moved out to LA, where they’d see each other more often. Ariana threw Luke and Jai a birthday party to celebrate their 18th birthday. She rented Jai a sloth that year because that’s what he loved. Jai couldn’t attend her birthday though, he was back in Australia at that point I think. Whenever he could Jai would fly 20 hours to America and Ariana would stay up all night just to talk to him ( time zone difference).

The demise of the relationship:

Jai and Ariana started dating originally in July of 2012 their relationship ended for the first time in the spring of 2013 because of the distance. But, they only broke up for 4 minutes exactly. The couple would continue to date until  fall of 2013.  A month before the big breakup, Jai did an interview at VidCon. The interviewer asked Jai how long he and Ariana had been together and if he’d planned the one year anniversary yet. ” About 10 months we’ve known each other for well over a year now though… We do have a one year planned…actually she came up with the idea.” he said. In August of 2013, the infamous break up happened. Jai ended their relationship through a text message 4 months before their 1 year anniversary. A month and a half later, after Ariana confirmed her relationship with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan. This sparked a huge Twitter battle between Ariana, her family, her friends, his brothers, his friends, and Jai.
I’m not going into detail about the fight.

Getting back together:

After a 5 month breakup, they got back together. They’d been sending not-so-secret love messgaes on Twitter for a few months until Arian vauguely confirmed that they were dating back in April while explaing her song Problem in an interview. But, by May, it was definitely confirmed that they were back together. Jai and Ariana were spotted kissing backstage at the iHeartRadio Awards, and later they tweeted each other messages saying that they love each other. And earlier that month on Luke and Jai’s birthday, she threw a little party for them, like she’d done the year before that.  While on tour Jai has several interviews with his group, The Janoskians, and was asked about her. In one interview in particular with Entertainmentwise, Jai was asked how he and Ariana actually got back together. “Yeah, well, we just missed each other and started texting again.” he said. “But what made it official?” the interviewer asked. “What made it official? We just, I don’t know…” “It was just over time.” Beau added. “Yeah, over time going back into dating each other again, and talking again, and yeah. Like, we still missed each other while we weren’t with each other.” Jai concluded. Ariana has posted a few pics of Jai on her instagram and one of her and Jai captioned “Tru Luv”. Jai and Beau even flew out to Flordia to celebrate Ariana’s birthday.

In conclusion:

That’s their love story so far, I’m sure that there will be A LOT more to add one day. I think that this proves that forgiveness and putting the past behind you is real and it can be done. I wish them the best of luck.
I’ll post links to the interviews and Twitter and Instagram posts where I got my information from later. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this.


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^This is just a vid of Ari dropping Jai off at the Airport

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Happy birthday Luke, thank you for everything x

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They look like an actual couple lol they’re my faves for a reason. 😘


They look like an actual couple lol they’re my faves for a reason. 😘


No! Lames is over. Lol. They really need to get together. Certainly my OTP.


No! Lames is over. Lol. They really need to get together. Certainly my OTP.


So frickin hot


So frickin hot

“Friendship is like pissing in your pants.
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